Stay Calm

Affliction comes in many forms: disease, divorce, disputes. Nobody I know wants to be in a state of affliction. We naturally want peace and tranquility to carry us through our merry lives. Unfortunately, because of sin, peace and tranquility come in small doses. Read More

Christians Don’t Need Stupid Labels (But They Think They Do)

I just came across a tweet by a popular feminist, female, Christian blogger.  She said that she wanted to put an item on her Christmas list:  The Egalitarian Bible called, “The Inclusive Bible”.  Seriously?!  Okay so, whose idea was it to publish an Egalitarian Bible?!  Whose IDEA?! Read More

My Friend Is Gone But Bowie Lives On (Insert Emoji of Your Choice Here)

Today, I want to talk about my friend Adrian.  He’s dead now.

Let me recap. Read More