Hello, and welcome to my blog.

A Little Background.

My real name is Benji but I use the pseudonym Samson Singer.  I am a father of five (so far). Count: 3 Biological/2 Step-children.  I am married to the most beautiful woman I know.  She is amazingly gifted and continues to challenge my personal growth in ways that are probably unconventional to the average set of standards.

Credit: Sandi Stark  – December, 2015 – Redlands, CA


The purpose of this blog is, more or less, a way to express my thoughts in their rawest form.  I also want this blog to be a place where, as I grow and share my growth, others reading this blog can absorb what they need to and put what applies to them into practice.

Much of what I write about has to deal with my life, church, and Christianity.  It is so important for me to have an outlet to discuss these things and be able to share my thoughts with as many people as possible.

A Little More Background:

  • Born into a Christian home.
  • Raised as a Christian.
  • Faked being a Christian for over 2 decades.
  • Became a real Christian.
  • Fell over 7 x 77 times.
  • Keep falling.
  • I hate this.