Politics, Shmolitics & Religion Too

There is this thing happening right now.  I guess it is called an election.

W H A T E V E R.

Yes, this is exactly how I feel.  In fact, at this point, when I hear people “passionately” talking about who they will vote for, or who they won’t, or why this person is bad, or why this person is good, or how this and that; my eyes roll so far back, they literally do a 360° and tie my orbicularis oculi muscle in tiny bows.

Orbicularis Oculi Muscle (in case you didn’t know)- Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia.org

Even, I, myself get caught up in these things.  Truth be known though, I don’t usually vote.  Now, before you all start jumping down my throat, I have my reasons.  Let me just say this:  THIS ELECTION AND THESE TWO CANDIDATES ARE THE PERFECT ILLUSTRATION OF WHY I DON’T VOTE.  People can ask me, “Benji, why don’t you vote? Don’t you know it’s your duty as an American/Christian/Human/<insert other reason here>??”  My response is always the same: “I don’t vote.”  When I say that, it really makes people mad.  I mean, really, really, really, mad.  I am chuckling as I write this because it almost seems like these people are jealous they didn’t think of it first.  I’m half kidding.

We have two opponents:

Obama Announces Appointments Of Clinton, Gates, Nat'l Security Team
Look at that smug face.(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)


Hillary Clinton: Lucifer’s GF







He’s Even Smugger


Donald Trump: Lucifer’s BFF






So. Yeah.  Enjoy voting.

Okay, okay, I didn’t come on here to mock your sad choices.  I really didn’t.  So I will cut right to the chase.  It’s a good chase too because I think through all of this, we’ve begun to see what people are willing to sell their souls for in order to get what they want; which in this case, is a new leader.

One thing I have noticed in all of this is that there is vitriol undertone when people start discussing these candidates.  What I don’t think people realize yet, is they have whittled these candidates down to their moral standards.  For good reason too: They both have very similar political views.  There are slight differences, but really, not all that many if either of them took office.  As a result: people begin taking these political arguments to a religious/moral level.  It’s become insane.  People you thought had some sort of Christian values are choosing a candidate that proudly supports the rights for anyone to have an abortion – and they defend it.  Then on the other hand, you have people who claim to be Christians voting for a candidate that thinks it’s okay to grab a woman’s woohoo while being married.

Some of us can agree to disagree on these things but believe it or not, there is something worse about all of this.  I am seeing these candidates bring out the worst in people and it scares me to think about what it would be like if either of them were our leaders.  How influenced all these sheepish people are.  These people are not free thinkers, they rely on people like Trump, or Clinton, or their pastor, or their friends to dictate how they think.  That is a good 80% of the people we know!  You know the type right?  Here let me give an example:

Sheep: “I am not voting for Trump because, he’s a loose cannon.  He shoots from the hip and he hates Mexicans.”

Me: “Wow that is a very original reason you have there, friend.”


Sheep: “I am not voting for Hillary because she’s already been president.”

Me: “Okay Rush.”

I hear this all day long.  This, regurgitation of redundant rhetoric (say that as fast as you can ten times).

So here I am watching these people wave pitch forks at each other not realizing the saddest part of this: these leaders are encouraging others to think the same way as them.  But even more spine chilling are the people that go along with it.  They sell their souls because their vote is going to be purely emotional – not logical.  I’ve seen black pastors want Hillary Clinton for president: who vehemently supports the death of babies up 36 weeks in the womb and publicly states her disdain for people of religion.  I’ve seen white pastors want Donald Trump for president: who has no racial filter and no moral standing or respect for the institute of marriage – the very institute that is a representation of Christ and his church.

I think I’ve said this before in another post, I’ve been listening to the book of Romans on the daily.  Romans 1 is so powerful to me more than ever in this era we live in.  Just the idea of God leaving us to our own depravity and seeing the western world trip down each step, one by one; as if Romans 1 was written for all of us right now.  The verse that stuck out to me, the one that struck me the most is worse than any of the sins Romans 1 talks about and it says this:

“Though they know God’s righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them.”

-Romans 1:32 (ESV)

People encouraging others to vote for these people who, in turn, encourage others to sin.  It’s not that we don’t all sin or have adultery or abortions.  That’s not the problem here.  The problem is we have perspective leaders that want to continue the normalization of demoralization.  Now, we see righteous men totally okay with it.

Anyway, I don’t vote.


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