Empty Peace is Peace Without Christ

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Richard Sibbes was such an insightful Puritan. When I first began reading #Puritan works, one of the first books I picked up was THE BRUISED REED by Richard Sibbes. It was a smallish book but full of good insight. I don't think I finished it. Probably because I picked up a different book. If there is any Puritan book to read besides the "Puritan basics", definitely pick up anything you can by Richard Sibbes AND especially THE BRUISED REED. Historian William Haller spoke of Sibbes' sermons as "the most brilliant and popular of all utterances of the Puritan church militant." May we all take his words to heart today and understand where real peace comes from. #Christ. #Puritans #RichardSibbes #peace #hope #love #life #christianliving #inspirationalquotes #quotes #quotestoliveby

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