Social Mishaps: A Spoken Word Pt. 2

And then there is “love”.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me?

What the hell does that even mean?

When you love, you get hurt because no one really knows what love is.

I don’t know what love is most of the time.

But isn’t that life?  Isn’t life supposed to be spent loving others?

To do that you have to spend the first half learning  to love others.

I know how to love myself, so do you, so does she, so does he, so does everyone.

No one is genuine anymore in a world that caters to self.

Candy coated personalities and plastic people.

Isn’t that disgusting?  Answer me?

Yeah you aren’t even listening.


I find myself wanting to love.

After all, I am wired to love.  We all are.

I see people hurt but I don’t have time for them.

I am hurt too.  My wife is hurt.  My kids hurt.

Everyone wants a piece of me.

But I get the biggest slice because I get first dibs on me.

That is just being human, I can’t help it.

You can’t judge me because you do the same thing.

You with your Facebook account and your Twitter and your Instagram,

This self loving persona, tweeting your life and your face.

No one needs to see your face.

It’s your ego that matters,

Arguing with people you would never see in real life.


Isn’t it weird though, this social phenomenon?

You talk to these people on your social networks.

You update people about your life.

And when you see them in person by happenstance

You have nothing to say.

What is there to say?

They all know about your life already!

What a cruel thing social networking is.

A conversation killer.

A face to face conversation killer.

Conversation Cancer in the form of a cell phone.

The ultimate social mishap is one we hold in our hands.

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