Une Préface #2: Heart of the Swarm

Heart of the Swarm, it really is a marriage category of it’s own.  Earlier on in my bio, I referenced Joel 2:25 and what that particular passage of the Bible said to me.  In the same way, I have to live Joel 2:25 out in my day to day life as I face the challenges of marriage.

No one is perfect. Every married person makes mistakes.  Not the mistakes we think either.  We think the mistakes are small and simple like the old “toilet lid is left up” problem.  There are much bigger problems in marriage and all of them stem from being human through and through.  Now imagine humanity trying to live with itself until death – that is marriage.  People are abused daily.  People deal with infidelity daily.  People deal with sickness.  People deal with an irresponsible spouse.  People deal with spouses who have addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, food.  The list is endless.

While I won’t divulge my own pitfalls, I will divulge what I am doing to curb those pitfalls.  In other words, I will share the challenges I have faced and also share the challenges I purposefully took in order to maintain a marriage that is not treading in a lake of tar.

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