Une Préface #1: A General Overview of My Writing

Hello world,

I wanted to preface my first entry by presenting a purpose for this entire blog:

  • There are aspirations upon which I would hope it gains exposure to a larger audience.
  • There lies inside me, all around me, this eternal itch to write my feelings in an articulate manner.  In person, I do not do this well with my mouth or even on social media, for that matter.
  • Writing, I believe, is an art form.  It is a gift given to people who are experts in articulating objects into words – feelings into words.  I believe I possess this gift and I hope by reading, my gift spreads like cancer.
  • There also lies within me the need to sort of, share the journey of marriage I am taking with my beautiful wife.  Without going into too much detail, I believe marriage is the HARDEST challenge a person can take.  To take that challenge with someone else who is physically, your opposite (male x female marriage) but also your opposite in every other part of life.  To get it to work together takes a miracle.  I want to use this blog as an outlet to express my joys and trials in marriage in hopes someone can take something – anything away from it.

With all of that said, thank you for reading and please enjoy ride.

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